Good Times Together

A few snapshots from the last month:

Potluck @ Bayfield Park/ Did you know Harold can catch a Baseball with his bare hands?!

First Youth Night of 2017/ Did you know our youth like to laugh and hang out with older people who love them?

Thornbury and Clarksburg Community Connections

Canoe and Kayak picnic/ Did you know Brian and Jeanine let 30 wet and dirty paddlers hang out inside their beautiful house? 


Current Sermon Series

For the next 7 weeks we will be looking at the growth characteristics of the early church; human structures brought to life by the Spirit.

Last week Jason reminded us that God isn’t in a rush, so watch and pray. You can hear his message online called “Bones and Breath 1”. Coming up on Sunday, Erika will talk about how community conflict can lead to effective ministry.

Chili Lunches

Yup, sounds yummy.  But there’s a catch: you gotta be under 25  (or, OK,  at least interested in having conversations with people who are under 25). So if that’s you –  you’re welcome to head to the kitchen after the service for some good eats!

Errinrung Worship Service

Blue Mountain CC leads a worship service at Errinrung every month.  This month we serve on Wed., July 26 from 2-3pm

Love Seniors? Want to come and spread some love? If you have an instrument, kids at home, a scripture reading or a desire to chat it would be great to have you along! Talk to Erika.

Family Camp Starts Sunday!

Family Camp is a great way to kick off the summer with your family. With exciting programming for kids, teens, adults and even your toddlers, Family Camp promises to be a week the whole family will enjoy together.

Contact the Maple Grove Office to reserve trailer sites, tent sites, or cabins for Family Camp by calling the office (519 285 3334) or email at

To register for Family Camp 2017, click  HERE.