Youth Bowling

We’re going bowling on Friday night so feel free to bring a friend!

Meet at the church at 6:30pm and bring $10. You’ll need a parent to sign your permission form – you can pick it up at the church on Wednesday or Thursday (or request one by email:

After bowling we’ll come back to the church for a devotional and goodies!

Operation Christmas Child

Here’s the Plan:

Our youth will pack the boxes if you will bring the contents to the church (there will be a collection basket in the sanctuary).

Suggestions: small wow toys like a ball with pump, doll, stuffed animal.

Other small items: toothbrushes, combs, stickers, pencil crayons, socks, trucks, balls, crayons, pads of paper, hair accessories, water bottle

Also, each box needs a $10 bill for shipping so cash is great too!

Safe N Sound

Did you know you can donate to Safe N Sound low income support services directly from BMCC? There are boxes under the coat racks you can use to donate.

Need: winter clothing, non perishable food, hygiene products and small appliances.

Thank you for your generosity!

This Sunday: Thankful and Free!

“Past the first guard and then the second, they came to the iron gate that led into the city. It swung open before them on its own, and they were out on the street, free as the breeze… That’s when Peter realized it was no dream. “I can’t believe it—this really happened!” ~ Acts 12

Good Times Together

A few snapshots from the last month:

Potluck @ Bayfield Park/ Did you know Harold can catch a Baseball with his bare hands?!

First Youth Night of 2017/ Did you know our youth like to laugh and hang out with older people who love them?

Thornbury and Clarksburg Community Connections

Canoe and Kayak picnic/ Did you know Brian and Jeanine let 30 wet and dirty paddlers hang out inside their beautiful house? 


Current Sermon Series

For the next 7 weeks we will be looking at the growth characteristics of the early church; human structures brought to life by the Spirit.

Last week Jason reminded us that God isn’t in a rush, so watch and pray. You can hear his message online called “Bones and Breath 1”. Coming up on Sunday, Erika will talk about how community conflict can lead to effective ministry.